AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Certification

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Certification

Know your way around the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Certification.

Your skills in the design, planning, and deployment of AWS Cloud-based solutions are validated by this certification.

If you're interested in learning more about AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate or becoming a certified solutions architect associate yourself, please visit the AWS Certification Program website.

As a result of this certification, you'll have the essential skills to develop a solution to a complicated problem using architectural design principles based on customer needs as well as available AWS solutions and project management best practices.

Amazon suggests that you have at least a year of experience implementing solutions using the AWS Cloud before applying for this position, according to the company.

There are many occupations in the cloud computing business that require AWS Certified Solutions Architecture, including Cloud Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, Cloud Operations Engineer, and AWS Engineer.

What does it take to become an AWS certified solution architect?
The candidate is required to give the exam of AWS certified solution architect associate design in such a way it requires a hands-on designing application and the system of AWS platform. the exam claimed to be tough and complex but if the candidate knows the concepts it's like a cup of tea for him to pass the exam with flying colours.

Eligibility Criteria
• Must have 1-year and more experience of designing with cost-efficient, fault-tolerant involving scalable sample system over AWS
• Should know one profoundly demanding programming language .
• Should have the ability to compare them and identify the requirement for the AWS based application.
• Knowledge on constantly used hybrid system and AWS components.
• Should adopt the ability to construct well-versed security and relevant application on AWS applications.

Examination Details
• The exam will be a multiple-choice question.
• Duration for the exam is 1 hr 20 min
• Exam available in languages are English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and German
• To opt for a practice exam, you must pay $20 .
• Registration fee for the exam is $150 .

The percentage of the exam is divided in the following ways:
• Designing cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable system - 60%
• Implementation - 10%
• Data Security - 20%
• Troubleshooting - 10%
• TOTAL - 100%

Key Aspects of AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Check the details of AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Certification .

Important Prerequisites
No deep knowledge required in high-level coding language
Preferred knowledge about AWS cloud computing white papers
Candidate required to look after the overview of the amazon web services
Knowledge on security process is a must
A better understanding of AWS risk and compliance whitepaper
Must know about the storage option in the cloud
Must have experience in architecting of AWS cloud
Hands-on systems that are constantly used along with AWS components
Usage of AWS architecture centre website
Basic IT knowledge
Understanding of multi-tier architectures involving web servers, caching, application servers along with load balancers and storage
Should know about relational data management systems and NoSQL.
Must be familiar with loose coupling and stateless systems.
High experience in using the route tables, access controls list that inclusive of firewalls, NAT, HTTP, and DNS, IP, OSI network.
Highly preferred knowledge on understanding RESTful web services including XML and JSON
Must have wide experience on concepts of information and tool and security application
Qualities that are necessary to become an AWS certified solution architect?
Experience and current knowledge on useful applications to AWS.
Data entry and exit from AWS application.
Prominent selection of service offered by AWS that depends upon data, computer, database, and security need.
Identification of proper utilization of the AWS architecture best practice.
Estimation cost of the AWS application along with identification of cost control mechanism.

All the aforesaid qualities are very much need for the candidate to enter the program.
Program Highlights

See which benefits you can derive by joining this program.

36 Hours training
Live Online lectures
Handouts for Students
Projects in the field of industry
Assisting in a job search
Trainers with experience in the industry
Simulated exams in multiple formats
Certificate of Completion
Program Curriculum

An overview of what you will learn from this program.

  • . Identify and recognize cloud architecture considerations, such as fundamental components and effectiveness
    . How to design cloud services
    . Planning and design
    . Monitoring and logging
    . Best practices for AWS architecture
    . Developing to client specifications, including pricing/cost (e.g., on Demand vs. Reserved vs Spot; R
    . Architectural trade-off decisions (e.g., high availability vs. cost, Amazon Relational Database Services
    . Hybrid IT architectures (e.g., Direct Connect, Storage Gateway, VPC, Directory Services)
    . Elasticity and scalability (e.g., Auto Scaling, SQS, ELB, CloudFront)
  • . Identify the appropriate techniques and methods using Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS Elastic Beanstalk,
    . Configure an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
    . Operate and extend service management in a hybrid IT architecture
    . Configure services to support compliance requirements in the cloud
    . Launch instances across the AWS global infrastructur
    . Configure IAM policies and best practices
  • Assess And Manage Risks
  • Execute Project To Deliver Business Value
  • Manage Communications
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Create Project Artifacts
  • Manage Project Changes
  • Manage Project Issues
  • Ensure Knowledge Transfer For Project Continuity
  • . Recognize and implement secure practices for optimum cloud deployment and maintenance.
    . AWS shared responsibility model
    . AWS platform compliance
    . AWS security attributes (customer workloads down to physical layer)
    . AWS administration and security services
    . AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    . Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    . AWS CloudTrail
    . Ingress vs. egress filtering, and which AWS services and features fit
    . “Core” Amazon EC2 and S3 security feature sets
    . Incorporating common conventional security products (Firewall, VPN)
    . Design patterns
    . DOS mitigation
    . Encryption solutions (e.g., key services)
    . Complex access controls (building sophisticated security groups, ACLs, etc.)
    . Amazon CloudWatch for the security architect
    . Trusted Advisor
    . CloudW attached Logs
  • . Disaster recovery
    . Recovery time objective
    . Recovery point objective
    . Amazon Elastic Block Store
    . AWS Import/Export
    . AWS Storage Gateway
    . Amazon Route53
    . Validation of data recovery method
  • .General troubleshooting information and questions
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How to Get Certified

Find the steps below to get certified.

Application Form
Apply by filling a simple online application form.

Application Review
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Application Shortlisting
Shortlisted candidates need to appear for an online aptitude test

Application Finalization
Screening call with Alumni/ Faculty.

AWS Certified Solutions
Architect - Associate

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FAQs & Answers

Find all the answers for your doubts

What is the AWS Certification?

AWS certification is a level of the cloud capabilities Amazon Web Services gives an IT professional after completing one or more examinations. To evaluate and certify technical cloud expertise and aptitude, IT aces receive AWS certificates.

What is AWS Solutions Architect- Associate certification?

For those individuals implementing the job of an architect for solutions and have one or more years of applied planning expertise, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Exam is designed with the help of accessible, cost-effective, defective, and ascendant distributed techniques.

Is there any remuneration offered to AWS certified persons?

AWS Certification offers a genuine advantage to assist you to demonstrate your achievement and further improve your competence on AWS in addition to verifying your practical ability. You will know all the benefits please go through the certificate explanation.

How much does an AWS Solutions Architect make?

12,00,000 INR per year is provided by AWS Solutions Architect Partner.
A partner in AWS solutions makes far more money than an ordinary data scientist, a full-service developer, or even a cybersecurity specialist. He receives a considerably larger income than any of them. Amazon is essentially a worldwide organization and sees far more revenue and profit than any other area. .

What is the passing slash for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate?

The examination clearing mark is 65%. The test comprises 55 questions with 80 minutes of multiple choice. .

Are AWS Certifications worth it?

Certification does not always mean capacity, the AWS certification relates to advanced pay. It's valuable, yes.

How many queries are there in the test of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate training exam?

This planning examination contains the same amount of selection questions, i.e. a total of 65 as the real test of the AWS Solutions Architect- Associate, which takes 2 hours for completion. Some queries have a proper response, according to the AWS test controller, while another needs you to choose two or three correct replies.

How many times can you take the AWS Certification Exam?

You should wait 14 days after your next test attempt has been scheduled. Three times a year from the day of your first trial you can appear for the examination. Each time you take the exam you need to pay the full examination fee.

What are the other AWS Certifications?

The list of the AWS Certifications is as follows:
- AWS Certified Solutions Architect
- Associate. AWS Certified Developer
- Associate. AWS Certified SysOps Admin
- Associate. AWS Certified Solutions Architect
- Professional. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
– Professional. AWS Certified Advanced Networking
– Speciality.

What is the average salary of an AWS Solutions Architect Associate?

AWS Certified architects Associate has an average annual income of 12,00,000 INR. All the bonuses and benefits a firm gives to its employees are included.

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