Post Graduate Program in AI & ML

Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Build smarter and more intelligent systems.

Learn N Lead is the most prominent and well-known provider for the certification of PGP in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Artificial intelligence is a computer science field. AI is used in several fictional movies to showcase robots, space, and many more with automatic working direction and protecting systems. The usage of AI in the film industry is miscalculated for prolonged years. Anyone who takes up a proper course from us will get a clear idea about what artificial intelligence is all about.

The certification will help the learners to understand the field in which a programmer creates human-like machines with the help of computer science. They use various methods and algorithms to make the human-like machines work with superb ability to reasoning methods and has logical thinking just the as the humans follow. The programmer provides the ability to the machines to understand the complex relationships, understand them well, and take a well-versed decision depending on the computation. The machines are programmed in such a way, if they are left in the open or public environment they will observe and depending on that take certain valuable actions which are positive. AI renders the following power to the programmer to impart powers of perception to the human-like machines. The machine also can observe its mistake, record them, process them by its own and gets a better solution of performing the same work differently without making a mistake.


Machine learning is a part and parcel of AI, which focuses on helping the machine understand the environment by itself with no interference and aid. The programmers use various methods that is they provide the machine with thousands of data set as information. After that, they place machine learning algorithm specifically into the machines which render robots to validate the data sets and permits them their own data sets. As a result, the memory of the old machine can be transmitted to the new machine. Then with the help of the old memory, the machines adopt new steps and patterns and form new knowledge. As explained above the certification of AI and ML you need not go anywhere else we have got your covered enroll yourself at Learn N Lead and make immense growth.

Professionals can take up the PG diploma in artificial intelligence and machine learning that will help them to grasp adequate knowledge and skill for performing and helping the organization to grow widely.


Why Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Learn how to transfer human roles to machines.

13.2% CAGR
13.3% rise expected in the CAGR in the AI and ML industry in 2018-2026.

There will be a 25% job increase for software dev. in the year 2028.

1.7 Million
1.7 million jobs for software developers will be demanded.

4.5 Million
4.5 million of global task management for software market size.

India will be listed as 1 of the top 3 software Dev. markets in 2026.

On the completion this program, you will:
You will be an expert in AI and ML technologies along with problems solving tactics

To solve the problem regarding businesses using AI and ML

Learn popular AI and ML technologies such as python, tensor flow, and Keras.

Have your hands-on AI and ML technologies to stand in front of the competitive world.
Program Highlights

See which benefits you can derive by joining this program.

Online Program
12-month online program
Online Lab Sessions
Learn N Lead has collaboration with many eminent Universities and Organizations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.
Dedicated Placement Team
Industry leaders guidance for better aspects
Multiple mock interview sessions in between the program
Leading companies access for numerous opportunities
Become Job-ready
Practical knowledge enhanced by taking real world case studies.
Get yourself ahead with knowledge of tools like Python, keras.
Various industry leader sessions to get in-depth industry insights
Program Curriculum

An overview of what you will learn from this program.

  • Python Basics
  • Python Functions and Packages
  • Working with Data Structures, Arrays, Vectors & Data Frames
  • Jupyter Notebook – Installation & function
  • Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn
  • Linear Regression
  • Multiple Variable Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Naive Bayes Classifiers
  • K-NN Classification
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Decision Trees
  • Bagging
  • Random Forests
  • Boosting

Introduction to Perceptron & Neural Networks Activation and Loss functions Gradient Descent Batch Normalization TensorFlow & Keras for Neural Networks Hyper Parameter Tuning Sequential Models and NLP

  • Padding & its mechanisms Forward Propagation & Backpropagation for CNNs
  • CNN architectures like AlexNet, VGGNet, InceptionNet & ResNet
  • Transfer Learning NLP Basics(Natural Language Processing)
  • Introduction to NLP Stop Words Tokenization Stemming and lemmatization Bag of Words Model Word Vectorizer TF-IDF POS Tagging Named Entity Recognition
  • Advanced Computer Vision Object Detection YOLO, R-CNN,
  • SSD Semantic Segmentation U-Net Face Recognition using Siamese Networks Instance Segmentation Introduction to GANs (Generative adversarial networks)
  • Introduction to Reinforcement Learning (RL) RL Framework Component of RL Framework Examples of RL Systems Types of RL Systems Q-learning
  • LANGUAGES AND TOOLS- Python ,Python ML library ,Scikit-learn ,NLP library ,NLTK ,Keras, Pandas Numpy ,Scipy, Matplotlib ,TensorFlow
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Probability & Conditional Probability
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Probability Distributions
  • K-means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Dimension Reduction-PCA
  • Introduction to Recommendation Systems
  • Popularity based model
  • Content based RecommendationSystem
  • Collaborative Filtering (User similarity & Item similarity)
  • Hybrid Models
  • RNNs and its mechanisms Vanishing & Exploding gradients in RNNs LSTMs – Long short-term memory GRUs – Gated recurrent unit LSTMs Applications Time series analysis LSTMs with attention mechanism Neural Machine Translation Advanced Language Models: Transformers, BERT, XLNet Computer vision
  • How GANs work?
  • DCGANs – Deep Convolution GANs
Capstone Projects

Test your skills and mettle with a capstone project.

Handwritten Digits Recognition
Human beings write digits in different ways and in different handwritings. Handwritten digits can vary a lot in shapes and sizes as they use many distinct curves and straight lines. So for machines to read and comprehend the digits that humans have written will take a lot of finetuning. The learner’s task is to develop a Handwritten Digits Recognition algorithm and create an application based on the same. It should be able to identify, comprehend, and recognize handwritten digits and produce an output for the same. It should be fast and accurate.

Lane Line Detection
In today’s world the idea of self-driving cars is no longer a mere dream. Google’s self-driving cars have clocked thousands of miles on the roads of North America and have shown that drivers are no longer necessary to drive cars. The learner’s task is to develop a Lane Line Detection algorithm which can identify, pinpoint, and detect lines in the middle of the road demarcating new lanes. They should be able to detect them at a distance of at least a 100 metres and comprehend from the markings whether the lanes are high- speed or slow.

Spoiler Blocker Extension
When a new movie or show comes out, mischievous people always try to remove the thrill and anticipation from it by posting information about it online which reveals all the important events that take place in the movie or show. These pieces of information are known as spoilers. The learner’s task is to develop a browser extension which will accept input from the user related to their favourite new movies or shows. It will then detect any mentions of them in advance and black out those mentions by overlaying other text or images on top of them.

Spam Classifier Extension
Most email users receive dozens of emails every day. A large percentage of those emails are spam in the form of advertisements, promotional material, or plain jokes. They are very distracting, clutter the inbox, and deleting them individually is too time-consuming. The learner’s task is to create a browser extension which can classify email as spam or regular non-spam email on the basis of the contents of the email alone. It should use the open source known spammers lists to identify spam emails without having to even scan the emails.


Optimal Path Specifier Map
A huge business problem today is to discover which is the shortest and least time consuming route from one location to another. There are several products available in the market which attempt to solve this problem to varying degrees of success. The learner’s task is to develop a piece of software which uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to discover the optimal route between two points on a map. It should consider traffic, weather, and whether the user has travelled through that route before too. The learner has to create an app using those algorithms.

Game of Chess AI
The game of chess is extremely popular among human beings who like mentally demanding tasks. It is a game very well-suited to the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts and techniques. The learner’s task is to create a chess game application which is fully equipped with sophisticated AI opponents who can predict and counter human players’ chess moves in advance. It should be able to take inputs of chess matches data sets and simulate the matches while displaying what its own AI opponents would have done from either side.

Fire Detection and Localization
A huge threat in households across the world today is the threat of unexpected fires breaking out. A house fire can do massive amounts of property damage and claim the lives of any occupants within the house. The learner’s task is to use house surveillance cameras to detect and pinpoint whether a fire has broken out and the location. The fire detection application should use image classification and computer vision algorithms to perform this feat. It should have built-in reporting features to alert the residents of the house about the fire.
Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
A big challenge that search engines around the world face today is the presence of low-effort websites with poor content or websites that are fronts for other larger websites and only exist to host backlinks for them. It will be very helpful to have a rating or scoring system for all websites on the internet. The learner’s task is to create an application which the users can use to browse the internet and leave reviews and ratings on the different websites they encounter. There should be a ‘Website category’ option for sorting them too.

Fake Product Review Monitoring System
A common strategy that many companies around the world follow is to post fake reviews on the internet praising their products or services. Fake product reviews skew the search results in favour of the fraudulent company and mislead prospective customers about their quality and performance. The learner’s task is to create a fake product review monitoring system. It should use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learling algorithms to track and identify fraudulent IP addresses which are posting multiple reviews from the same IP address.

Automatic Attendance System
In schools a large amount of time is spent in taking the rollcall and attendance of students. Teachers can use the same time in revising important concepts from the subject study matter with the students or in checking their assignments more painstakingly. The learner’s task is to create an Automatic attendance system that automates the process of taking attendance. It should use AI and ML algorithms related to computer vision to recognize and identify the faces of the incoming students and check their names against a school database.


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FAQs & Answers

Find all the answers for your doubts

What is the PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Learn N Lead and what makes it different from individual courses?

The Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Study is a carefully crafted learning route built by some of the industry's best specialists. The course curriculum has been structured in such a way that even a total newcomer to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be able to take the course's progression and properly understand all the course materials. Our world-class instructors will assure that at the end of the course, you will be a master of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Can Learn N Lead provide the PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learningcourse at a location near me??

Our course content is designed to reach students all over the world. Whether you live in India, Canada, the United States, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, or European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, or Germany, you will be able to access our material 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The reason for this is that all of our content is available entirely online. You may access all of our content from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Can I ask for a support and doubt clearing session if I want to understand the topics at a deeper level?

Learn N Lead provides query resolution 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can register a ticket with a specialized support team at any time. For all inquiries, we offer email and video chat help. If your email query is not resolved within a reasonable amount of time, we will arrange live one-on-one sessions with our world-class professors who will gladly walk you through your doubts.

You might be relieved to know that Learn N Lead does not prohibit its students from contacting the instructors even after they have completed the course. They can open as many support tickets as they desire; there is no limit to the number of tickets they can open.

Does Learn N Lead provide any kind of job assistance?

Learn N Lead assists its students by giving placement aid to all students who complete the course and pass all tests, projects, and assignments. We have collaborations with several multinational corporations and other top employers all around the world. You can easily find a job in a variety of amazing organizations and businesses by utilizing our network of contacts. We also provide free lectures and workshops on how to write a CV and prepare for job interviews. We will also hold counseling sessions for career guidance and will participate in career fairs.

Which kind of projects are assigned as part of the training?

Learn N Lead offers its trainees the most current, relevant, and practical high-value projects. They have a lot of real-world value since they are meticulously crafted by our world-class teachers to provide learners with practical and hands-on experience as they complete them. We give you a secure and reliable pathway to putting your skills and knowledge into action in a real-world industrial setting. These projects are included in every Learn N Lead course and will rigorously test your learning, abilities, and practical knowledge, preparing you for industry careers.

You will have the opportunity to work on incredibly fascinating and demanding projects in high-tech IT, marketing, sales, e-commerce, insurance, banking, networking, and other industries. After completing the assignments, your skills will be equivalent to 6 months of meticulous and tough industry experience. .

What is the definition of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? What makes it so important?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are critical components of computer science. They are extremely interconnected and share many characteristics. At its most fundamental, artificial intelligence is a technology that allows machines to simulate human behavior. The primary goal of AI is to create intelligent computer systems capable of solving complicated world issues in a human-like manner. AI is made up of two fundamental components: machine learning and deep learning. AI is a large field with a wide range of applications and scope. AI systems are more focused on maximizing a system's odds of success in solving a problem by employing the science of probability and prediction. Artificial intelligence operates in three stages: learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Humans frequently have to deal with not only structured data but also semi-structured and unstructured data. As a result, any AI system should be completely capable of handling not only structured data but also semi-structured and unstructured data.

Is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert a good Career choice?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are in high demand across a wide range of industries, including IT, finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. It is the fastest-growing career on Linkedin, with 20 million positions expected to be created by 2026. As a result, careers in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are extremely profitable. Furthermore, there are relatively few people who have all the necessary skill sets to become a complete Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, expert. As a result, there is a significant demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise but a scarcity of skilled candidates. So Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts can demand as big a salary as they want, and the companies will have to comply with their demands.

What are the skills required to start a job in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

To gain a job in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you will need the following talents: testing and iterating skills, knowledge of Python functions, packages, and routines, and knowledge of Python functions, packages, and routines. Mathematical knowledge, Physics knowledge, Mechanics knowledge, cognitive learning theory knowledge, language processing knowledge, critical thinking skills, curiosity, out-of-the-box thinking abilities, technical skills, and signal processing techniques knowledge.

Who is eligible for taking the PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Learn N Lead?

Companies seeking to hire Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialists will search for the following degrees:

  • 12th pass in the Science or IT streams.

  • A degree in B.Tech/M. Tech (Any Trade), IT, BCA, MCA, or B.Sc is required for recent graduates or college students.

  • Working professionals must have at least one year of professional experience in any programming language. If you do not have any professional experience relevant to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can still pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning if you have any of the degrees listed above.

  • What are the tools and technologies used to teach this PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Learn N Lead?

    Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Sci-kit, Anaconda, Jupyter, NLTK, Python, and Keras are some of the libraries available.

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