Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing

Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing

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  • Industrial Projects
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PGP in Cloud Computing

Know your way around the Masters in Cloud Computing.

The students who graduate from the IT fields are always rigid and equip the path of challenges that will make their career boost up with all the experiences they have faced in the cloud computing course. Learn N Lead has formulated the following course for the professionals who have just been graduated with their bachelor's degree in their particular field of computer science, software engineering, and several other degrees, and then you can opt for the Learn N Lead PGP in cloud computing.

The Learn N Lead cloud computing program is also called the professional course or master in cloud computing course and this certification is claimed to be the best and the most beneficial course to pursue after your bachelor's degree. also, there are more certifications you can pursue such as data analytics, computer programming, mathematics, business management, and several others. all the mentioned certifications have high scope in their particular field and there is an increasing demand of professionals from the following field by the industries and organizations.


Learn N Lead's PGP in cloud computing is a 12-month extensive certification for the learners to make their career fly high along with experimental learning, direct access to 180+ hours of live video content training, classroom and lab sessions on the weekends, and make an efficient approach to learners to have an industry working perception. the program is formed with highly qualified mentors and great leaders from several universities to guide you to the cross-platform and cloud architect.

To add up, before enrolling be sure that you have a clear interest and skills while opting for the PGP in cloud computing. skills include technical and management skills for designing, operating and managing the cloud computing system effectively.


Why Cloud Computing

Check out features and benefits below.

Eligibility Requirement:
  • Bachelor degree in either of the stream containing 50% marks.
  • The aspirant having job experience in the following field will be provided concession in the criteria.

  • What makes the PGP in cloud computing stand out?
  • Learn to implement tools and ideas on the cases.
  • Make assumptions like a cloud architect and have excellence with the cloud.
  • Labs session and assignment for various platforms to build up a strong portfolio based on your learning.
  • Opportunity to learn from the best in the cloud computing field.
  • Doubt clearing session with the mentors itself.
  • Weekly test after completion of each chapter to the effectiveness.

  • Course Features:
  • Best career assistance to achieve big goals.
  • Continuous learning program for your betterment.
  • There are three modules such as infrastructure as a service, storage, networking.
  • Latest application and versions for the cloud computing software service.

  • Benefits:
  • Has great accessibility over an application, data, and any device using an internet connection.
  • Ways fo saving data over a device.
  • Help to moves faster on the project in the companies.
  • Manages the business cost and activity .
  • Can help in alleviating the price of internet usage and render important benefits.
  • Furthermore, the benefits of cloud computing are mentioned below - security, flexibility, mobility, insight, increase collaboration, quality control, disaster recovery, loss prevention, automatic software updates, competitive edge, sustainability, disaster recovery, loss prevention, cost-saving, and many more.

  • Scope:
  • Can have a big data or data analytics career.
  • Work in big data companies is to analyse and protect the data.
  • The business of cloud computing has reached more than 70 billion dollars.
  • You can make a career as a cloud architect, cloud service developer, cloud consultant, cloud system administrator, cloud project manager, and more.
  • Salary can range to 3 to 4 lakh annually.
  • On the completion of this program, you will learn:

    Have an understanding of basic storage, networking, processing of power with the help of technology for natural language and office application.

    Cloud computing helps the computing accounts for more than one-third of the IT spending as per the research of IT individuals.

    It includes 5 characteristics that are considered crucial for the field such as on-demand self-service, broad network access, flexible and scalability.
    Program Highlights

    See which benefits you can derive by joining this program.

    Online Program
    180 days online program
    Online Lab Sessions
    Learn N Lead has collaboration with many eminent Universities and Organizations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.
    Program Curriculum

    An overview of what you will learn from this program.

    • What is Cloud Computing
    • Deployment Models
    • Service Models
    • Advantages of Cloud Computing
    • Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
    • Characteristics of Cloud Computing
    • Introduction to Virtualization (VM’s and Containers)
    • Service Delivery & Deployment Models
    • Cloud Attributes and Services Taxonomy
    • Introduction to Infrastructure Automation
    • Key Aspects of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • Docker
    • Microservices
    • Architecture & Design Patterns
    • Microservices Architecture & Design
    • Anti Patterns
    • Event Driven Architecture & CQRS Framework
    • Migrating a Monolith
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • Sampling
    • Probability distribution
    • Normal distribution
    • Poisson’s distribution
    • Bayes’ theorem
    • Central limit theorem
    • Type 1 and Type 2 errors
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Types of hypothesis tests
    • Confidence Intervals
    • One Sample T-Test
    • Anova and Chi-Square
    • Migration Maturity Index and Enterprise Migration
    • API based Integration
    • Cloud Adoption Strategies
    • Application Characterization & Evaluation
    • Workload Analysis
    • Typical Migration Services
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • OpenStack Essentials
    • AWS Organization & Identity
    • Compute, Storage & Networking
    • Auto Scaling, Load Balancing & Fault Tolerance
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • AWS Organization & Identity
    • Compute, Storage & Networking
    • Auto Scaling, Load Balancing & Fault Tolerance
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • Database Services (RDS, DynamoDB)
    • AWS CloudWatch, Kinesis, Athena & QuickSight
    • AWS SNS, SQS and Trusted Advisor
    • Messaging & S3 events
    • ElastiCache & CloudFront
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • Container Orchestration (e.g. ECS,Kubernetes Engine)
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
    • Deployment Pipeline(e.g. AWS CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CodeBuild,
    • CodeDeploy)
    • Plan, Build, Deploy and Monitor
    • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • NIST Cloud Reference Architecture
    • AWS Reference Architectures
    • Stateless and Singleton design
    • Thinking Adapters
    • Serverless Development – AWS Lambda
    • PaaS – Elastic Beanstalk
    • Elastic Container Services – ECS
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • Networking
    • Managed Services Overview
    • Cloud Security
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • Architecture & DevOps
    • Platforms
    • Data & Databases
    • Mobile & Gaming
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • Identity Solutions
    • Azure Data Implementation
    • Managed Services
    • Azure Compute Infrastructure
    • Network, Security & Ops
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • Organization & IAM
    • Compute
    • Storage
    • Networking
    • Operations
    • BigTable
    • Quiz
    • Lab
    • Group Presentation
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    How to Get Certified

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    FAQs & Answers

    Find all the answers for your doubts

    What is Cloud Computing?

    Cloud Computing is a popular name for all the services that host the internet. These are further broken down into three categories:

    Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
    Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    How does mentorship works?

    Our mentoring works accordingly:

    Candidates have a live session to explain their doctrinal questions, ask questions and discuss cases.
    For concerns, talks, and project help, the candidates may reach out to mentors.

    What are the eligibility standards?

    The program's eligibility criteria are:
    Graduates of Bachelor/Diploma
    Basic knowledge of the course
    interest in knowledge acquisition and preservation

    I am not from the technical background- can I apply?

    We invite you to join irrespective of your stream if you meet our qualifying standards.

    What topics are sheltered in the Cloud computing program?

    The Cloud Computing PG Program provides a strong basis to protect critical subjects:

    Essentials for Cloud
    The architecture of the cloud
    Cloud Deployment and Service Models
    Cloud Platform Working

    Who are the faculties?

    Teachers with decades of expertise and knowledge are educators for the PG program in cloud computing. In their various fields, each faculty is known.

    Do I get hard copies in terms of study material?

    The Learning Management System offers all the necessary educational content online. Any reference material recommended by the instructor may be purchased by the candidate.

    Is the content downloadable?

    No; if you register with any of our courses/programs, the information will be accessible for a lifetime.

    Can I pay the fee in installments?

    Yeah, we give you this payment facility. To further understand this facility, please contact the support staff.

    Do I have to attend the sessions every week?

    The program, which includes candidates every week, is structured. Each applicant must receive videos and participate in weekend sessions. The following beginning batch is also available to participate in the lost session.

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